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Welcome Based in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Presidential Business School (an International American University  affiliate)  is  an  academic  institution  founded  in  2011  A.D.  with the objective of establishing itself as a model center for prime Management Studies in Nepal.  Presidential's  unrelenting  drive  for  excellence  in  education  obliges  this BBA/MBA  school  to  promote  quality  education  in  the  inter-/national  academia through  creative  conception  of  managerial  philosophy  rather  than  through reproduction of received knowledge. Moreover , our persistent anxiety caused by the outflow of the brilliant minds aspiring for foreign degrees is another reason behind the founding of PBS, which, therefore, in liaison with IAU, has taken an auspicious initiative  to  bring  home  and  award  international  degrees  to  such  aspirants domestically.
Proud of its exceptional human resources (a fused make-up of brilliant faculty and management visionaries),  state-of-the-art  facilities  and  rare  international exposure,  the  school  also  offers  an  exclusive  access  to  corporate  practices  and situates PBS students in an environment that moulds them into professional aces.
The school, in fact, viably meets this end with a significant support of the leaders from the local reputed businesses and corporate houses. At present, Presidential's focus is exclusively on the School of Business and Management, but the school does envision  a  rich  and  varied  addition  of  Departments/Schools  of  global  standards conferring accredited degrees  from prestigious universities around the world  in near future.  The business and media houses, and other partners (both national and international)  will  also  be  working  together  to  crystallize  this  vision  for  the extension of  the  said project. Read More

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